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Queen's Heir - NADR# 72392 - is a 2010 Gonzalez buck that is Max Dream X Texas Queen.

Queen's Heir is one of Max Dream's best looking sons. Max Dream's sons, include Ambush, Perfect Dream, Southern Dream, Dream Machine, Alfa, and Omega, just to name a few. With 733 dna'd offspring, there are plenty of worthy sons not mentioned. Queen's Heir scored 331" @ 5 with an inside spread of 31".

Super Does in Queen's Heir's pedigree include Blue 510 on top (the mother of Dreambo, Kid Dynamite and Max Dream) and Texas Queen on bottom (the mother of Easy Does It, Brooke, XX Prince and Queen's Heir). Queen's Heir's top also includes 214, the anchor doe for Fred Gonzales Great White !!!

Super Bucks in Queen's Heir's pedigree include Max Dream on top along with Max and Dreambuck and Dreambuck again on bottom!

We have a select group of does in the pen with Queen Heir for live breeding that are loaded with super does.

We at M3 Whitetails are serious about packing our pedigrees with super does and bucks from super does.

Queen's Heir

Queen's Heir

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