M3 Whitetails….. This McYearling was a long time in the making on our deer farm in Texas. McStepChild is the sire and the dam side is Battle Stitch over Fallout over a doe that anchors back to P63 in the great great grand dam position. All 4 of those deer were in my breeding facility.  As deer breeders, we specialize in raising Big Texas Typicals and the deer pedigrees of our whitetail deer for sale include the best and most recognized whitetail genetics lines in the industry.  Like my bucks? Buy my does!

M3 Whitetails are Texas deer breeders that specialize in raising and selling whitetail Breeder Bucks, whitetail DMP Bucks, whitetail Stocker Bucks, as well as open and bred whitetail does. Big Texas Typicals are what buyers want when buying Texas DMP Bucks, Stocker Bucks, and Breeder Bucks. Our whitetail deer for sale are sure to impress prospective buyers and are priced competitively.

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