M3 Whitetails….Enough of the whitetail deer fawns at my Texas deer farm… As a deer breeder that specializes in raising Big Texas Typicals, I love to show off the whitetail Breeder Bucks, whitetail DMP Bucks, and whitetail Stocker Bucks. The deer pedigrees of our whitetail deer for sale include the best and most recognized whitetail genetics lines in the industry….Working on a father and yearling son ad…Once in a blue (blood red) moon…Like my bucks? Buy my does!

These M3 Whitetails bucks are growing out nicely at our Texas whitetail deer farm. M3 Whitetails are Texas deer breeders that specialize in raising and selling whitetail Breeder Bucks, whitetail DMP Bucks, whitetail Stocker Bucks, as well as open and bred whitetail does. Big Texas Typicals are what buyers want when buying Texas DMP Bucks, Stocker Bucks, and Breeder Bucks. Our whitetail deer for sale are sure to impress prospective buyers and are priced competitively.

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