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Ace is without a doubt one of the most exciting deer our industry has ever seen. One word comes to mind when most of us hear his name and that is PRODUCTION! His track record is second to none as he continues to produce some of the most consistent groups of bucks of all age classes as well as daughters that are proving to do the same. Ace's pedigree boasts two of the industries top production lines: Full House on the paternal side and Robert Williams' W-B1 on his maternal side. Full House is one of the major keys to the success of Gonzalez Whitetails as he continues to show up in pedigrees of countless breeders on their farm. Aside from being Ace's mother, W-B1 is also the dam to bucks such as Bambi 20-21, Dagger Drop Jr., and the grand-dam to Super Agent, who scored an unbelievable 396 6/8" at 3 years of age. Bringing these two lines together has proven to be an incredible cross that we will all continue to marvel at year after year.