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M3 Whitetails

About Us

M3 Whitetails
4951 Mitch McMillan Rd.
Franklin, TX 77856

Contact: Mark McMillan
Email: mmcmillan@m3whitetails.com
Office: 979.227.3804
Cell: 979.777.0951

M3 Whitetails welcomes you to our website and we would like to thank you for your interest in our Texas Deer Breeding operation! We are located in Franklin, Texas, about 30 minutes north of Texas A&M University.  The M3 Whitetail deer breeding operation is TC1 and a 1 year CWD Certified Level 1 herd. Whether you are looking to stock a breeding facility, make a few additions to your herd, or are interested in purchasing stocker bucks for a pasture or ranch, we’ve got you covered with our top-quality deer herd. We have breeder bucks, stocker bucks, open does, bred does, and semen available for sale.

Established in 2009, M3 Whitetails started its herd with around 60 premium bred does hand selected from some of the top breeders in the whitetail industry. Many years of hard work, blood- sweat- tears, along with a strategic and well thought out breeding program, our herd was born. M3 Whitetails deer breeding program is among the premier deer breeders in Texas. Today, M3 Whitetails produces what deer lovers are after, Big Texas Typicals. Enjoy looking though our website, feel free to reach out for more information. Look though our big, wide, heavy , tall typical whitetail bucks. Like our Bucks? Buy our does!

One sure-fire way to improve the quality of the deer on your ranch is to purchase does that have great bucks and super does in their pedigrees that you can breed to high quality bucks. M3 Whitetails specializes in raising breeder does and stocker does whose pedigrees are packed with industry leading genetics. Our stocker does do not only have great pedigrees they are also proven producers. The bucks above represent just some of the quality whitetail genetic lines represented in our herd. Click the picture of the buck above to see a list of whitetail deer for sale from our herd that have his genetics represented in their pedigrees. Then, click on the listed links to see the pedigree of that specific deer.

All deer are for sale. For price and availability, contact Mark McMillan.


The pedigrees of our deer include some of the best and most recognized whitetail genetic lines in the industry. Some of our deer are pure Texas and others have some northern influence. Great bucks in the pedigrees of our deer include Maxbo, Maxbo Hardcore, Gladiator, Jake the Dreambuck, High Roller, Easy Does It, 4M Hammertime, Ground Zero, Winderness Bucky, Bambi 727, Blue Mountain Bill, and X-Factor. Super does in the pedigrees of our deer include Whitney, who is the mother of Triple Crown and Junkyard, and Tasha, a Jake the Dreambuck daughter who produced Excess, Freeze Frame, B1042 and Unforgiven in addition to Brittany who is the mother of Gladiator Hardcore. Other super does represented in our her include Orange 516 (Tex Roller’s womb sister) and Woodard 217 who is the mother of Tex Roller and King George. Blue 510 is the mother of Dreambo, Kid Dynamite and Max Dream. Texas Queen is the mother of Easy Does It. 4M Black 1 has produced 4M Hammer, 4M Hammertime, 4M Sledgehammer, and 4M Jackhammer.


M3 Whitetails – Stocker Bucks

M3 Whitetails… Unfortunately they can’t all be breeders… Luckily these make great stocker bucks! Come one, comall, big pretty farm raised stockers… 60+ 2’s, 3’s, 4+’s. Like my bucks? Get you some! 

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M3 Whitetails – Big Texas Typicals

M3 Whitetails… In our quest for producing Big Texas Typicals we always have some Oopsies! We have nothing to hide… Like my bucks? Buy my does! Breeder bucks, stocker bucks, and bred does available for sale. 

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M3 Whitetails – Paragon – Breeder Bucks

M3 Whitetails… Paragon out standing in his field… Who couldn’t like this buck?  He is Sudden Express X Bambi 20/28, and one of his sons is none other than McNificent. Like my bucks? Buy my does! Contact us for bred does, conventional and sexed semen.    

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M3 Whitetails
Mark McMillan
4951 Mitch McMillan Rd. Franklin, TX 77856
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October 2020